Djokovic Face Nadal in China Open Final

Novak Djokovic who was born on May 22 1987 is a professional tennis player from Serbian who is often ranked in number one in the world by Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) in the category of men’s singles tennis. He is considered of being one of the most skilled tennis players all the time. His coach is former of Slovak tennis player who named is Marian Vajda, and the former of Wimbeldon champion and German tennis player who named is Boris Becker.

Rafael Nadal claimed that his place in final of China Open with a straight sets win. On Saturday, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic will meet in final of China Open after both of them are sealing straight sets of victories at National Centre in Beijing, China.

Djokovic has booked one place in the final after he was easing past David Ferrer, the professional tennis player from Spain. The top seed place broke his opponent to serve early in both of sets to win 6-2 and 6-3 in an hour 14 minutes but it is only after Ferrer fought back in second set. Ferrer tried to break back in the game eight to win 5-3, but Djokovic has took the next service game from his opponent to win the set, the set up and match his meeting with Rafael Nadal.

As Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic get in the set to meet in the final of China Open, both of them share their opinions about each other. In the day earlier, Nadal claimed that a 7-5 and 6-3 victory over the Fabio Fognini in having served stay in the opening set.

Nadal is defeated by Fognini for three times in this year. Fognini is knocking him out of US Open in September at the third of round stage. Anyway, he could not continue his run of against Nadal and in the second set, he was broken to go 4-2 down.

On Sunday, Novak Djokovic will face Nadal in the final round. Nadal held the serve to protect his place in the final for third times in his career who is a winner in 2005. Nadal said that for him, to stand in the final is great event. He is very happy with the result. The goal for him is tried to find good level in the end of this season.

His next assignment will attempt to give defeat toward Djokovic, the one who never has lost in China Open. As Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic get in set to meet in the final round of China Open, they take a look back to the rivalry which nearly spans for a decade.

The 29-year-old leads his head-to-head for 23-21 but he has failed to against Djokovic since final round in French Open last year. Nadal added that he knows that today, Novak is not his league that is a different level of him in this year. Tomorrow is a match to try to play and try to enjoy the way that he wants to play and they will see.

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Wales Will Play to Win in Herzegovina and Bosnia, Aaron Said

Aaron Ramsey or having the full name is Aaron James Ramsey who was born on December 26 1990 is a footballer from Welsh who plays for national football club which is Wales and international football club which is Arsenal as a midfielder. Ramsey plays mainly as a midfielder of box-to-box, but he also has been deployed on the right and left wings.

Ramsey and friends try and work harder to win the game after long time they had not. They have trained every day for having the best performance in their games later and having the best plans for their games in the pitch. They are not giving up to win the game because they had been sure that they will be a winning team for this game, not a draw one.

Aaron Ramsey was congratulated with his teammate, Chris Gunter, during the qualifier between Wales and Israel in Euro 2016. Ramsey said that their football club team, Wales, will be going to Herzegovina and Bosnia to look for a win but not a draw because they need to quality themselves for Euro 2016. On Saturday night, Wales travelled to Herzegovina and Bosnia to know the point that will see them to reach major finals for their first time in 58 years.

Chris Coleman sits in the top of Group B in heading go into final two of European Qualifiers to against Andorra and Bosnia, even though they will qualify if Israel fails to against Cyprus. So far, Wales is unbeaten team in the eight games, concede just two goals that they have edged for the country in historical moment, but the midfielder of Arsenal, Ramsey, said that they will treat their clash like the other teams.

Ramsey told to Sky Sports that they never want to go into the game for draw. Personally, he always wants to win the game. The goal of team is to go there and to give themselves to get opportunity for all three points. They have been tough to beat and it will not be easy to them, yet hopefully they could wrap it up before the game of Andorra.

Wales has mostly same group members as their campaign for qualification for World Cup 2014, where they have finished the second bottom of their group, in behind Croatia, Belgium, Scotland and Serbia. Now, Ramsey insists the group to know more about each other and Coleman has made them far harder side to beat.

Gareth Bale gives the celebration for a crucial goal in Wales’ campaign of qualification. Ramsey said that everyone has been working harder with each other and has been knowing exactly what their responsibilities and their roles are on the pitch. They become a harder group to break down and they have quality where they can go and get a score for goals. They have got the best players in the group. There is no differences at all in the personnel, but they have been growing up and become difficult to beat them.

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Gareth Bale Will Play At Wales In The Euro 2016

Wales plans to make  Gareth Bale plays to save their seat on the Euro 2016 games. The statement comes from Chris Coleman who willing to secure the team in the European Championship qualification. They will have big faith  in profesional player which has full name Gareth Frank Bale. Gareth Bale is known as prodigy winger, so he will definitely help the team to win the game. His good reputation make he plays not only for Wales national team but also for Real Madrid. Full information about judi bola tangkas online here.

Gareth Bale begins his professional work at Southampton in the age of 16 years old. In this team he plays as the left back and got title of free kick specialist. After that he moved to Tottenham Hotspur in 2007, here he play more offensive and takes a lot of attention in the EUFA Champion League. He helped the team to win the game and got many rewards to himself, mostly as the most brilliant player. He interested many teams including Real Madrid, one of the famous Spanish team which makes him transferred with expensive cost. In Real Madrid, he gave big help to make the team win Copa del Rey and UEFA Champion League. He also help the team win other Championship which makes him become more famous.

Wales will start to enter the qualification by facing Bosnia. The team need to win a point agaisnt Bosnia or Herzegovina when they play in Zenica on the Saturday night if they want to end the absence of their play in 58 years at the major tournament. So, the game is really important to them that’s why they will give the best. Actually, even though they don’t win the match they still can save their seat if they sucess to beat the welcoming minor group Andorra to Cardiff on the game Tuesday night. However, the team want to show their full strength that’s the main reason why they set Gareth Bale to play in the game.

 Gareth Bale confirmed by Coleman to start his play against Bosnia as the star forward. Unfortunately he will only play for about 60 minutes for the longest in the game. It is because he hurting his calf about three weeks ago when he plays for Real Madrid in 24 minutes. The injury is not full healed yet that’s why he can’t play for 90 minutes. However, the team will not force him to play if he couldn’t play. The team will against two teams which mean he will play in two games for four days, it makes the team consider about his condition even though he look well in the training.

The Wales boss want them go all out and no holding back since they want everything done in the Balkans even though Coleman think the team will have tough match against Bosnia since the game is the last chance to Bosnia to get the spot of the qualification. Still, Coleman feels confident that the team will win the game because they already train hard to challenge Bosnia.

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